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Renew a CMS LPC analysis cluster computing account & FNAL ID/accounts at Fermilab

ONLY if badge needed without renewing remote access

If you have a valid cmslpc/FNAL computing account and only need to request a badge, please follow the Onsite Only Access Request form at the Campus Access and Experience site. Be sure to put only Dee Hahn as your "Point of contact". For your primary work location put "WH 11X" if you are visiting the LPC, otherwise put your expected building/floor you are working on. Note the "Read More" link for instructions in the form. Same day badging is not possible so please do not make any travel plans without a confirmed badging appointment first.

Account Renewals

  • It may take up to 4-6 weeks for computing accounts (and/or site access) to be granted, please take that into account for your application.
  • If you have been a Fermilab user and need to renew your cmslpc account (and Fermilab credentials) you will fill out the Access Request Form. Be sure to choose CMS AT FERMILAB as your experiment and use ONLY Dee Hahn as your Point of Contact. Support documentation for this whole process including a video can be found at the FNAL Campus Access page. Take note of the CMS specific details below. These are the Fermilab directions
    • Note: Be sure to start your renewal process the moment you get your reminder email (4-6 weeks before expiration), as approval may take some time
    • Provide your OrcID (CERN instructions for obtaining OrcID)
    • Point of Contact name: Dee Hahn
      • In some cases, Dee Hahn or Bo Jayatilaka will email you to ask you and/or your Institutional Contact some additional questions, you must modify these as needed for your particular case. Note that your account renewal will NOT proceed until these are answered:
      • Purpose of access: Collaborate with CMS colleagues and participate to LPC events
      • Specific activities or involvement specific to the individual: CMS data analysis: specify
      • Subjects to be discussed: your analysis, detector work, shift, and or event(s) listed here
      • Specific facilities and security areas to be granted access: CMS LPC cluster and Wilson Hall (the latter only if on-site)
      • Types of information to be accessible: No sensitive information
      • Access granted to systems: CMS LPC computing cluster
      • Access mechanisms: Kerberos account; if onsite Badge ID
    • Select "CMS AT FERMILAB" as your experiment - NOT any others!

    • When will you need access to Fermilab's computing systems?: Choose dates for one year starting at your account expiration date. Note that you will get a renewal email sixty days before your remote computing access expires, you may need a full 4-6 weeks to get the renewal complete, we strongly encourage submitting the form as soon as you get the first email.
    • Onsite access: if your plans incluse more than one visit over a year, please put a full range of dates and intermittent. Be sure to have your Remote access a full year to continue your computing access. For your primary work location put "WH 11X" if you are visiting the LPC, otherwise put your expected building/floor you are working on. If you select Fermilab housing, you will need to contact them separately to make arrangements.
    • Home Institution: For your Home Institution - the institution/place from which you are employed should be entered
    • Institution point of contact name: Your institutional point of contact name should be the CMS person, from your institution, that can vouch for your work on CMS, and may be required to answer questions by email for your account renewal to proceed.
    • Complete and submit your request. You will receive e-mail notifications about the status of your request. Certain stages of the process may take up to four-six weeks.
  • After the application is submitted, you may be contacted to provide more information. That includes, but is not limited to a requirement from the DOE: "Effective February 1, 2019, all non-U.S. citizens who request new (or renewed) onsite or remote access may require the submission of a curriculum vitae (CV)/resume". Questions are given on the Fermilab application detailing what is needed for the CV.
  • You will get emails about doing onboarding with FermiWorks, be sure to check your Junk/Spam folders for those. More documentation about this can be found at the User's Office page.
  • Basic Computer Security training is required to be completed at the time the request for a new or renewed account is made. There will be a link to the training material on the request form, and you must provide confirmation that you completed training upon form submission.

  • Any additional account renewal needs:
  • Note about EOS T3_US_FNALLPC Storage Element (SE) space

    Note: Your EOS area is created but cannot be written to by CRAB (T3_US_FNALLPC), unless you provided your grid certificate (and CERN username) upon account application or renewal. After account is created: follow directions at the Using EOS at the LPC page to get your grid certificate linked to your T3_US_FNALLPC EOS area.

    Check Status of current request and/or get help

    Using your RITM number from your access request, enter into the Request Status form.
    The Campus Access site has documentation on the various steps for remote and onsite access requests, note you should be receiving emails about your request, starting with the first RITM email.
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