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Renew a CMS LPC analysis cluster computing account & FNAL ID/accounts at Fermilab

Account Renewals

  • If you have been a Fermilab user and need to renew your cmslpc account (and Fermilab credentials), read the full directions for Fermilab account renewals. you will fill out this account renewal form.
    • Note: Be sure to start your renewal process the moment you get your reminder email (4 weeks before expiration), as approval may take some time
    • Provide your OrcID (CERN instructions for obtaining OrcID)
    • Select E-892/919 (CMS) from the pulldown menu under "Select Affiliation/Experiment" as shown in the following image (NOT any others!):
    • Complete the remaining fields
      • Home Institution (no abbreviations): For your Home Institution - the institution/place from which you are employed should be entered
      • Fermilab contact name (first and last): A senior member at your home institution who has an active Fermilab badge. This person can be the same as your Institution contact and does not need to be a Fermilab employee.
      • Institution point of contact name (first and last): Your point of contact name should be the CMS person, from your institution, that can vouch for your work on CMS

  • Any additional account renewal needs:

Note about EOS T3_US_FNALLPC Storage Element (SE) space

Note: Your EOS area is created but cannot be written to by CRAB (T3_US_FNALLPC), unless you provided your grid certificate (and CERN username) upon account application or renewal. After account is created: follow directions at the Using EOS at the LPC page to get your grid certificate linked to your T3_US_FNALLPC EOS area.

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