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File Transfer

Data Transfer to and from the cmslpc cluster

At Fermilab, access to User Analysis Farm (UAF) goes through cmslpc-sl6.fnal.gov. This can be accessed using Secure Copy (scp) or sftp.

The following storage areas on NFS are available for users, be sure to reference the appropriate directory and use your username, and the first letter (here u) of your username:


To transfer a file to the cmslpc cluster:

Usage: scp file_name username@cmslpc-sl6.fnal.gov:/uscms/homes/u/username


Other Computer $ scp zprime705.jdf username@cmslpc-sl6.fnal.gov:/uscms/homes/u/username
zprime705.jdf        100% |*****************************|   286       00:00

To transfer a file from the cmslpc cluster:

Usage: scp username@cmslpc-sl6.fnal.gov:/uscms/homes/u/username/source destination


Other Computer $ scp username@cmslpc-sl6.fnal.gov:/uscms/homes/u/username/zprime_jj_10001.root .
zprime_jj_10001.root 100% |*****************************|  8880 KB    00:01

Copy files on the EOS T3_US_FNALLPC SE

For instructions how to copy files from/to the EOS Storage Element, follow the instructions on the Using EOS at the LPC website.

Copy files using gfal-copy from another site's Storage Element

Instructions are on the CRAB3 FAQ on how to use gfal tools to find and copy files from another site's Storage Element

File access with Xrootd

WorkBookXrootdService twiki describes how to access files using Xrootd
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