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User Software and Computing

System Status for CMS LPC

  • Landscape monitoring, authenticate with Grid certificate and click on "CMS LPC"
    • Includes overall LPC batch job summary, user batch jobs, and EOS status
    • Note that this system has an excellent help, showing many customizable features
    • You can click on the orange swirl in the upper left to login with your Fermilab services username and password to customize your landscape view.

  • Condor

  • Ganglia - accessible onsite at FNAL only
  • News and downtimes on the cms_uaf_users listserv

  • Fermilab system status, login with Fermilab Services username/password, reports fnal email, listserv, and other Fermilab-based system monitoring
    • Major power downtimes, such as the one that was on July 20 - July 21, 2018: Fermilab updates can be found in the knowledgebase link that is provided in advance of the downtime, as well as on FNALServiceDesk twitter - the links would not require a Fermilab Services password. Note that dedicated CMSLPC scientific computing information is sent to the listservs listed above.

External Status Monitors


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