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Getting a Personal Grid Certificate from CERN

A personal grid certificate from CERN can be obtained by following the instructions on this WorkBookStartingGrid twiki. Once one has a CERN account, a certificate can be obtained from https://ca.cern.ch/ca/. An outline of steps to be done that are described in WorkBookStartingGrid:

  1. Read instructions on WorkBookStartingGrid twiki, take note if you need a special non-CERN certificate

  2. For CERN certificates, obtain here ("New Grid User certificate"): https://ca.cern.ch/ca/
    • You must create your certificate with a password, otherwise it will not work for CMS websites
    • Yearly renewal: "New Grid User certificate"

  3. Sign the CMS VO agreement and associate your certificate: SWGuideLcgAccess twiki CMS VO instructions, these link to this page: CMS VO register (voms).
    • Note that the voms page doesn't open in Chrome, in Firefox you will have to accept that the voms2.cern.ch website configuration is not secure.
    • Additionally, your grid certificate must be installed in the browser you are using to access the voms2.cern.ch site
    • Carefully follow the instructions in the email you receive to click on the proper link to accept joining the CMS VO (usually this happens only once ever for you)
    • Renewal: Once a year you will have to re-sign the CMS VO AUP

  4. You can install your certificate (new or renewal) on the cmslpc cluster following the commands on the WorkBookStartingGrid twiki

  5. You must have given Fermilab your grid certificate (and CERN username) to associate in the database with your cmslpc account. This will allow you to write to T3_US_FNALLPC (FNAL EOS SE area). The CMS Storage Space Request: Enable form in the LPC Service Portal will add your certificate to the Fermilab database and make a link to your CERN username if your CERN username is different. This will happen within one business day, Fermilab time.

  6. Troubleshooting:

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