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Professional Websites and FNAL email

Users at the LPC can setup a professional website to have limited amounts of content available through a web browser.

Professional Websites at Fermilab

Fermilab employees and users (LPC users are by definition Fermilab users), can request a professional website hosted on Fermilab’s central web server. These pages will be available through a web browser under:


where, username should be replaced by your own Fermilab username. Content is managed directly on the user's professional website directory, which is available through many of the important clusters, for users at the LPC is available from the interactive nodes of the LPC cluster.

This knowledge base article describes how to request such website.
This article for Fermilab Central Web Services describes alternate methods to mount website directories, note that the websites are intended for on-site use, so may be best accessed through the FNAL CMS LPC UAF linux cluster.

Depending on how long you have been a Fermilab user, you may already have what is needed. However, new users will need to request the activation of their professional website if they wish to use this service. Professional website directories at Fermilab used to be AFS areas, that were migrated and now reside under /publicweb.

Professional website directories are mounted on the LPC interactive nodes under /publicweb. Inside, you can find one directory per each letter of the alphabet. A user's specific directory should be inside the directory corresponding to the first letter of the Fermilab username, for example, for user username:

[username@cmslpc36 ~]$ ls -d /publicweb/u/username/

Things to know about professional websites at Fermilab:

  • 2 GB maximum quota
  • You will not be able to allow others to edit files in your professional website directory.
  • Files in your professional website directory are viewable by the public via a web browser. If you need to keep some files private, please do not put them in your professional website directory.
  • Directory listing is not available, so to share information, you will need to give people a filename in the web link like index.html.
  • Do NOT reference the website from condor or other batch jobs, there is not a large network pipe on FNAL websites.

FNAL email

Visitor emails fnal.gov

Visitors (those not employed by Fermilab) are given forwarding emails of username@fnal.gov, where the username is the same as your LPC and Services username. This is setup when you make your account to forward to the email you provide at that time. If you change institutions, you may wish to change the email forwarding. To do so, choose one of the following:

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