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FNAL email

Users at the LPC can setup a professional website to have limited amounts of content available through a web browser.

FNAL email

Visitor emails fnal.gov

Visitors (those not employed by Fermilab) are given forwarding emails of username@fnal.gov, where the username is the same as your LPC and Services username. This is setup when you make your account to forward to the email you provide at that time.
  • If you change institutions, you may wish to change the email forwarding. To do so, contact the Fermilab ServiceDesk to change your email in the system
  • Note that if you put in a different email when you renew your Fermilab account, it will change your forwarding email in the database, as well as send important emails regarding your renewal that you need to take action on for your renewal to proceed
  • Be sure to do your Fermilab account renewal when you get your first warning, otherwise you may lose access to your fnal.gov email, whether forwarding or Exchange email when the account expires. A few long-term users may have Fermilab Exchange emails which are removed completely 30 days after Fermilab account expiration.

Employee emails fnal.gov

Fermilab employees are given an Exchange email account. To learn more, consult the Fermilab ServiceNow knowledge base article about FermiMail.

You will also need to setup MFA to use FNAL email.
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