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Passwords for the LPC Analysis Cluster Account at Fermilab

Password Obtain

  • New passwords:
    1. FermiWorks Password: Follow the intstructions in your email from FermiWorks at WorkDay (check Junk/Spam). Note that when your account is first created, your FermiWorks username will be the email you used in application, and when your Fermilab username is assigned, it will switch to that username. If you are unable to login, you can contact the Fermilab Service Desk using the instructions below.

      More about FermiWorks onboarding at the FNAL Campus Access site, scroll to Onboarding

      • Note:Use your FermiWorks password for logging into FermiWorks, using a Services password requires a RSA token which many users do not need to use in many cases.
    2. New Kerberos and Services Password: Follow the instructions in your email you got referencing your account creation from your RITM. Do note that you will have to speak to the Fermilab Service Desk during FNAL business hours using one of these three methods:
      1. On Zoom (you will be providing your ID) - arrange by email or telephone:
        • Email a request for a Zoom meeting with the Service Desk about your password: email servicedesk at fnal.gov (replace the at with @) and inform them you need a Zoom meeting to get your first password. Ensure to include what times you are available, keeping in mind FNAL business hours: 8am-5pm Central time (not including US holidays). They should get back to you in 8 hours (1 business day) and are only available during FNAL business hours.
        • Telephone - the Service Desk will only call back US numbers, not international, use the email method above for international messages. In either case a Zoom meeting to validate credentials will need to be coordinated.
      2. In person (WH GW), you will need to show your Fermilab badge which you must wear shown on site

  • Note: You will need Services password for training, and Kerberos password (different!) to login to the cmslpc machines.
  • Password Reset or Change

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