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Get a CMS LPC analysis cluster computing account at Fermilab and Badge information

Do you need a Fermilab Badge?

Note: During the COVID-19 "stay at home" period, you will NOT enter dates for on-site access in new/renewal account forms. For the latest, see the FNAL site: https://eshq.fnal.gov/covid19/.

Obtaining a CMS LPC analysis cluster computing account and Fermilab accounts

If you are a new user you need to obtain Fermilab and CMS LPC analysis cluster accounts following the directions on this page for new visitors or employees. Be sure to choose E-892/919(CMS) as your experiment. It may take up to 4-6 weeks for computing accounts to be granted, please take that into account for your application.

Fermilab computing account request details

To understand each of the form options, they are described below.
  • If you have already filled out the new account/badge request in the forms linked above and received an email with the subject: "Welcome to the USCMS UAF (Central Analysis Facility)", then you have Fermilab accounts, and should not need the information below.
  • Provide your OrcID (CERN instructions for obtaining OrcID)
  • On the application form, select "E-892/919 (CMS)" as your experiment - NOT any others!
  • Home Institution (no abbreviations): For your Home Institution - the institution/place from which you are employed should be entered
  • Fermilab contact name (first and last): Dee Hahn, dhahn at fnal.gov, 630-840-2354
  • Institution point of contact name (first and last): Your point of contact name should be the CMS person, from your institution, that can vouch for your work on CMS
  • If you have a CMS grid certificate, you will want to put the line following "identity" as the result of voms-proxy-info after authenticating your grid certificate on a linux system. Be sure to put your CERN username in the comments.
  • Complete and submit your request. You will receive e-mail notifications about the status of your request. Certain stages of the process may take up to four-six weeks.
  • After the application is submitted, you may be contacted to provide more information. That includes, but is not limited to a requirement from the DOE: "Effective February 1, 2019, all non-U.S. citizens who request new (or renewed) onsite or remote access may require the submission of a curriculum vitae (CV)/resume". Questions are given on the Fermilab application detailing what is needed for the CV.
  • Basic Computer Security training is required to be completed at the time the request for a new or renewed account is made. There will be a link to the training material on the request form, and you must provide confirmation that you completed training upon form submission.

  • Take note that you will obtain Fermilab Services, Windows, and Kerberos credentials with instructions by email how to obtain the password from the Service Desk. The cmslpc (CMS LPC CAF) account will work anywhere from 1 hour to 1 full business day after the ticket is closed and you get the email with the subject line "Welcome to the CMS LPC CAF (Central Analysis Facility)".

Already have Fermilab credentials but not E-892/919 (CMS) - cmslpc computing account

If you already have active Fermilab credentials from one of the following situations, but have never gotten the "Welcome to the USCMS UAF (Central Analysis Facility)" email and cannot login to cmslpc cluster, you need to put in a Request for a "Experiment/Project/Collaboration Computing account".
  • Renewed with Fermilab when you had never gotten an E-892/919 (CMS) account before (never did a Request for E-892/919 (CMS)
  • Chose a different VO/Experiment when you did your account request or are moving experiments
  • If you think you already have an account, be sure to check the debugging information on the How to Connect page
Follow these directions:
  • Authenticate with FNAL SSO (either Services username/password or Kerberos after one-time browser configuration, follow directions on the page) to ServiceNow: https://fermi.servicenowservices.com/wp/
  • click on "Request Something"
  • If you do not see the button, put in search: Experiment
  • Click on/choose: "Experiment/Project/Collaboration Computing account"
  • Be sure to choose "`E-892/919 (CMS)" as the experiment and nothing else with CMS in the name
  • Even if one is doing computing work for CMS, choose "No" for computing/IT professional
  • Your account is complete when you have received the "Welcome to the USCMS UAF (Central Analysis Facility)" email. Note that some systems may take up to 1 business day (FNAL time) to synchronize

Note about EOS T3_US_FNALLPC Storage Element (SE) space

Note: Your EOS area is created but cannot be written to by CRAB (T3_US_FNALLPC), unless you provided your grid certificate (and CERN username) upon account application or renewal. After account is created: follow directions at the Using EOS at the LPC page to get your grid certificate linked to your T3_US_FNALLPC EOS area.

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