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USCMS Detector Ops

Detector Commissioning and Operations

The US CMS Operations Group works very closely with the main CMS commissioning and operations team to develop and maintain the many online detector monitoring tools that make remote operations possible for hundreds of collaborators.

One of the group’s major roles focuses on coordinating the operation of the Remote Operations Center (ROC) at Fermilab with CMS operations at CERN. The main CMS control room resides at Point 5. Because this is a half-hour drive from the main laboratory campus in Meyrin, the experiment built the CMS Centre, a remote operations center on CERN’s main site. The US CMS group therefore makes sure that operations remain seamless between the ROC at Fermilab, the main CMS control room at Point 5 and the CMS Centre at Meyrin.

Monitoring tools, as well as interpersonal communication, play a crucial role in successful remote operations. The US CMS Operations Group develops monitoring tools. Web-based monitoring allows a collaborator to view many useful detector and accelerator related information in real time, by simply running a generic Web browser.

In addition to coordinating remote operations, the group manages service work, such as shifts operations at the ROC for US CMS collaboration members. The US CMS Operations Group also maintains close communication with Fermilab management and provides updates at the All Experimenters’ Meeting on the first Monday of every month.

USCMS Ops Group at ROC

The U.S. CMS Operations Group in the Remote Operations Center at Fermilab.

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