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Working at CERN


User accounts on CERN central computer services

CERN has various "central services" (LXPLUS - Linux, NICE - MS Windows, etc...) which provide centralized file backup and a set of standard applications. All Unix services use AFS (Andrew File System) which allows users to access all Unix hardware platforms with the same username and password - accounts must be specifically added for each platform on which you wish to work. You must first register with the CERN User's Office before an account on the CERN central Services can be created for you. Once you are a registered CERN User, you'll need to fill out a CERN Computer Center Registration Form (available in the US CMS Project Office) which should be signed by your computer group administrator. The computer group code for CMS is ZH and the group administrators are:

This form should then be sent to the Computing Helpdesk.

User accounts on the CMS Workgroup Server

CMS Users may also wish to obtain accounts on the CMS Workgroup Server (which also uses AFS). More information about CMS specific computing services can be found here.


CERN has a network that is "structure cabled". It means that when you move computer equipment or install new computer equipment, you usually have to change your IP address. Therefore, you cannot just plug-in your equipment and expect it to work. Network equipment must be registered. See this page.

If you have a laptop, you will want to request a "portable socket" and you still have to change the IP address to the one IT division assigns to your socket. When filling out the web request form, you'll have to know your building, floor and socket id. (for example 40 5A-15 socket id 0015/01). The socket id is written on the socket (UTP plug - in Bat. 40, these are hidden in the metal "runners" along the wall). Once you have successfully filled out the Network Connection Request Form, a technician will come to your office to activate the socket and provide you with a UTP cable. These cables are the property of CERN and should be returned when the device is removed.


In the case that you've brought your own PC running Windows to CERN and do not want to install the CERN Windows environment, but want to use CERN printers, there is a version of the CERN Printing Package available for non-NICE PC's here. Follow the instructions in the User's Guide for installing from an FTP server (FTP mode). So far this has been made to work for most people (except those installed with the Fermilab Windows 98 environment!).

Installing Windows 2000 at CERN

Installing Linux 2000 at CERN

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