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Software & Computing: Project Execution Team (PET)

The page for the U.S. CMS Project Execution Team. (Currently under development)

Results of Census Broken Down by Category

Management Catagories

  • Jon Bakken
  • Ken Bloom
  • Bob Clare
  • Peter Elmer
  • Ian Fisk
  • Ruth Pordes
  • Liz Sexton-Kennedy
  • Frank Wuerthwein

Tier-1 Facilities

Tier-2 Facilities

Grid Services and Interfaces

Application Services

Distributed Computing Tools

Software and Support

CPT Contibuted People

  • Michael Case
  • Vladimir Litvin
  • Ianna Osborne
  • Shahzad Muzaffar
  • Maya Stavrianakou
  • Lassi Tuura
  • Rick Wilkensen
  • Tony Wildish
  • Zhen Xie

Unassigned to Category

  • Eric Wicklund
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